How to make a willow angel?
How to make a willow angel? Making a willow angel can be a beautiful and creative project. Here's a general guide on how you can make one:
Materials you'll need:
  1. Willow branches or twigs;
  2. Pruning shears or scissors;
  3. Wire or string;
  4. Optional: decorations like ribbons, beads, or flowers.


  1. Gather Willow Branches: Collect long, flexible willow branches or twigs. You'll need several for the body, wings, and head.

  2. Create the Body: Form the body of the angel by bending a long willow branch into a loop, shaping it into an oval or teardrop shape. Secure the ends together using wire or string. This will be the angel's torso.

  3. Make the Wings: Bend another willow branch into a loop, similar to the body but slightly smaller. You can create a pair of wings by making two loops. Attach the wings to the back of the body using wire or string.

  4. Form the Head: Take a smaller piece of willow branch and shape it into a circle or oval for the angel's head. Attach it to the top of the body using wire or string.

  5. Add Details: Use smaller pieces of willow branches to form arms, if desired, and attach them to the body. You can also add additional decorations like ribbons, beads, or flowers to embellish the angel.

  6. Secure Everything: Make sure all the parts of the angel are securely attached. You may need to add more wire or string to reinforce any weak spots.

  7. Display: Once your willow angel is complete, find a special place to display it. You can hang it on a wall, place it on a table, or even use it as a centerpiece for a special occasion.

Remember, you can get creative with your willow angel design, adjusting the size and shape of the branches to fit your vision. Enjoy the process and let your imagination guide you!